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Danmark støtter Ukraine med 60 mio. kr.

24.09.2015  16:04


The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Kristian Jensen, announced yesterday during his meeting with the Ukrainian Minister for Justice, Mr Pavlo Petrenko that Denmark has approved a grant of DKK 60 million (EUR 8 million) to assist Ukraine in strengthening its justice sector and supporting the implementation of human rights.

The programme will be implemented in cooperation with Council of Europe and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Of the overall DKK 60 Million grant from Denmark, DKK 21.7 (EUR 2.8 Million) has been allocated to Council of Europe to fund the project “Support to Criminal Justice Reform.” Læs mere her

The Minister states:
“The Danish funded programme will assist Ukraine in its endeavours to improve the justice sector, to fight corruption and to improve respect for human rights. With this programme, Denmark emphasizes its support to Ukraine at a crucial point in time. We warmly welcome Ukraine’s decision to follow a pro-democratic path, and we also acknowledge the difficult reforms and changes that this will demand. The Ukrainian people demand positive results manifested in their daily lives. This is also the message I conveyed to the Ukrainian Minister for Justice during our meeting. The fight against corruption and an efficient and independent justice sector go hand in hand. Transparent and accountable authorities and systems are vital for a democratic country with access to justice for all. Concrete results within these areas are fundamental for a further positive development.”



The Danish funded programme “Good Governance and Human Rights 2015-2018” is based on the policies and laws approved by the Ukrainian Parliament. The programme will support the implementation of the reform of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, strengthen a free legal aid system and ensure active public participation in the implementation of the reform. The programme will also support the establishment of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption and render assistance to development of regulations, guidelines and manuals on issues of conflict of interest, assets declaration and corruption risk assessment. The programme will capacitate local civil society actors to oversee the implementation of anti-corruption reforms and provide local public awareness. In addition, the programme will support the Office of the Ukrainian Ombudsperson both in terms of human rights protection in all parts of the country and in assisting the Ombudsperson in its role to provide support to government stakeholders in the country’s overall reform process.       

The programme will be implemented in cooperation with Council of Europe and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


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